Chocolate And Fudge

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Candy Man Inc. has been serving original and classic chocolates since its inception in 1981. From truffles and cookies to fudge and marshmallows, we’ve tried out many different combinations to find out which are the tastiest. Now we’re ready to share our delicious results with chocolate aficionados throughout the country. Find out more about our creations, and then go to our online shop to place your order. 


Miss Lily’s famous Hint of Mint cookies are a must-have for any chocolate lover. Choose from packages of 6 and 9 cookies. 

Chocolate Fudge

Bring home the best of flavor and presentation. Each package of 6 or 12 pieces comes in an elegant gold-striped bag tied with a brown bow. Our famous Million Dollar Fudge is available with or without chopped pecans for extra crunch.

Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

Dipped in gourmet dark mint chocolate, these marshmallows are available in sets of 6 or 12 and come in a hard-bottom bag.

Choffee Chocolate Bars & Coins

Our original “Choffee” bars and coins are made with gourmet white or dark chocolate blended with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Be sure to ask about seasonal labels.

Golden Crunch

A combination of flavors and textures, sweet white chocolate, crunchy peanut butter and crushed pretzels made into a patty, then hand-dipped in gourmet white or dark chocolate.