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3c Nalley Lexus Tin

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1.5 Oz Choffee Bar 2 Piece Cookie Snack Pack
1.5 Oz Choffee Bar2 Piece Cookie Snack Pack

1.5 ounces of gourmet chocolate blended with Jamaican coffee in a convenient three section bar.

Two of Miss Lily's Hint of Mint cookies in a gold striped bag with a decorative twist tie bow makes this a winning treat. You can also enhance the power of your business card by combining these when calling on clients or customers.



Candy Man Sampler Tin Chocomel Chew
Candy Man Sampler TinChocomel Chew

A collection of some of our most popular confections: 2 of our cream filled sandwich cookies enrobed in our "Hint of Mint" Dark Chocolate 2 pieces of "White Golden Crunch": a blend of crunchy peanut butter, pretzel pieces, and white chocolate...

Our newest addition is the "chocomel chew", a layer of gourmet dark chocolate topped with caramel mixed with chopped pecans. These come two to a package.



Golf Tin Independence Day Gold Box
Golf TinIndependence Day Gold Box
Even if your dad doesn't play golf, he will enjoy a tin of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" cookies. After all, dads love chocolate too! Each cookie is topped with an edible sugar layon in a variety of golf shoes, bags, greens and tees.Just in time for our Independence Day Celebrations, Candy Man introduces our 12 "Hint of Mint" cookies striped in red and/or blue in a gold box with a clear top.



Market Basket Marshmallow Bites
Market BasketMarshmallow Bites
Our Market Basket is currently available in the pictured "Chocolate Swirl" basket or our "Spring" Basket. Your basket comes filled with a mix of our Gourmet Chocolates: Hint of Mint cookies, Golden Crunch, Million Dollar Fudge(with or...Five bite size marshmallows covered in dark gourmet chocolate with a "Hint of Mint".



Million Dollar Fudge Patriotic Party Platter
Million Dollar Fudge Patriotic Party Platter

Candy Man has added chopped pecans to his rich and creamy Million Dollar Fudge.   This lucious treat comes with 6 or 12 pieces and with or without pecans, in a gold striped bag.

New this year, Candy Man presents his Patriotic Party Platter. This colorful platter comes with a mix of 12 Golden Crunch, 16 Hint of Mint Cookies, striped in red, white and blue, plus 3 star topped chocolate dipped marshmallows and 3 pieces of Million Dollar Fudge.



Sweet Heart Tin Wild Hearts Market Basket
Sweet Heart TinWild Hearts Market Basket
Our Sweetheart Tin comes filled with our "Hint of Mint" cookies and is available in three sizes, 16 or 44 count.

Introducing Candy Man's new "Market Basket" filled with Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" cookies, a chocolate, creamfilled sandwich cookie coated with dark chocolate and a "hint of mint".